Feeling 22

Feeling 22

It’s everyone’s favorite national holiday – MY BIRTHDAY! 


The big 22! I know you’re probably all more concerned about where these shoes are from rather than my birthday, but we’ll talk about those next time. ANYWAY – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! For the big 22, here’s a list of 22 things I want to do this year.

  1. Buy a Gucci bag (priorities)
  2. Travel as much as possible
  3. Continue my healthy diet all year long (!!!!)
  4. Also continue my work out consistently all year long (!!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Get involved in more collaborations
  6. Meet Danielle Bernstein
  7. Visit my college friends more often
  8. Begin personal shopping and personal styling (coming soon I swear!)
  9. Network with as many people as possible and make beneficial connections
  10. Start a YouTube account to build a bigger social media presence
  11. Make more time for myself to just relax (this seriously needs to happen)
  12. Go skydiving
  13. Make more time for family
  14. Be more interactive with the all of my PR girls I’ve (cyber)met
  15. Save more money (see #1)
  16. Put time aside to finally catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while
  17. Dedicate an entire day to watching murder documentaries with crazy storylines
  18. Then blog about them and convince everyone to do the same
  19. Focus more on my goals and how to get to where I see myself in the long term
  20. Enjoy more of the little things in life
  21. Do away with any negativity that doesn’t allow me to be my best self
  22. Lastly, I want to do anything and everything. There is no stopping me now!

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