This weekend I went to two amazing shows! 

So being that I am a press executive, I was invited to about 20 NYFW shows. And being that I am a press executive who works 9-6 Monday-Friday, I could only attend 3 that were held this past Saturday. I ended up only staying for the first two, and you can check them out here!

First I saw Mac Duggal, a dress designer who does couture/prom/pageant/all of the above and more. (I just remembered while typing this that my high school prom dress was by him!) What I loved about his show was that he had “regular” models, aka not ONLY 5’9 models that wear a size 00 (which are perfectly fine measurements) but had bodies of all types on the runway. Trust me, I’m not the one to hate on tall and skinny (I wish I was) but it was refreshing to see others up there! Anyway, I could hardly get photos because I was late and standing behind extremely tall people…. soooo I was just recording over their shoulders.


The second show I watched was Sheguang Hu, a Chinese avant-garde designer who puts on performance shows. It was so entertaining! His pieces were unlike any other I’ve ever seen. The room was packed with Chinese celebrities who were all super gorgeous in their extravagant gowns. Here are some pictures from his show!



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