Swim Classy’s Newest Ambassador

Swim Classy’s Newest Ambassador

Spring Break is almost here and you need some new swimsuits! So I’ve got a 25% off code for you 😉 


I could not be happier to join the SwimClassy team! This brand is more like a movement-  it’s all about body empowering and positivity. All of their photos are unedited and untouched to show you that you CAN look good no matter what shape or size you are, and to show you how to love the skin you’re in. When they reached out to me I absolutely had to jump on the opportunity!

I haven’t always been super comfortable in my own skin – growing up I was always “too skinny” and called a twig everywhere I went. People would look at me and tell me to eat a cheeseburger (no thanks). It’s hard to be comfortable and confident with your body when there’s always so many negative comments being made and when you just KNOW you don’t look good.

Since then, I have certainly gained a lot more weight, but I couldn’t love my body more. I do have those days when I look back and say, “Wow I wish I was that skinny still,” now that my stomach isn’t exactly toned and flat. But I do understand as we get older, we grow and develop into our true bodies. I couldn’t be more comfortable in my skin now and I’m so happy to be an ambassador for a brand that promotes this!!

Now go out and use my code.. SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST HERE!!  For 25% off, use code  vicswim25 ‘  🙂 



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