Stella McCartney on a Budget

Stella McCartney on a Budget

These Stella McCartney shoes are basically everything to me. I knew I had to have them even after seeing they cost $995 and I only had $200 left in my bank account….

And so I did what every budget hunter like myself does, and went straight to DUH! From Gucci loafers to Stella platform oxfords, and everything in between, these people seriously make the most amazing replicas of designer pieces at the lowest possible prices.

I got Stella McCartney’s $995 platform oxfords on Amazon for $32.99… AND WITH PRIME, THEY SHIPPED IN ONE DAY!

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These shoes are just as comfy as they are cute. They’re the perfect weight: not too heavy and annoying to manage, and not too light where they feel fragile. Even though they are beyond inexpensive, they are nowhere near cheap. Every single time I have worn them, I was stopped by someone saying “Oh my God, I love those Stella’s!” and “I have been wanting those Stella’s but don’t want to pay that much for them!” They look like the real deal. Another bonus: they’re three inches tall and you don’t even feel it! Nothing better than having the height and not feeling like you’re in heels. 

There is only one difference, which you can change yourself: the laces. The real Stella pair comes with a flat, thick shoelace. These come with a thin and more rounded shoelace. Solution: go buy some flat and thick shoelaces for a few bucks now that you’ve gotten almost the exact replica and barely spent $35. If you’re going to have the same shoe, you might as well have every possible detail!

I swear Amazon should pay me to be the spokesperson for them with the amount of amazing pieces I get from there and will be blogging about. 

All in all, these shoes couldn’t be more perfect. They are exactly what I wanted and didn’t make a  nasty dent in my bank account. Don’t be afraid to buy knockoffs of the designer pieces you want. If you’re dying for super expensive designer shoes, but can’t possibly afford it, who says you shouldn’t have them at all?! Style is all about what you make of it, so if you want to rock platform oxfords, you rock those platform oxfords.

And by the way, if you’re embarrassed to admit they aren’t the real thing, don’t spill the beans! Most people will never be able to tell.

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