Silky Street Style

Silky Street Style

I seriously could not be more obsessed with this look, and yes this was my office attire for work.

Everyone who knows me knows that Boohoo is my absolute favorite (neck and neck with Missguided) and that I introduced a good majority of my friends to this life-saving website. I’m always a little skeptical at first when I discover a UK site that I haven’t heard of anyone shopping on before. About two years ago I came across Boohoo, and basically said: f*ck my skepticism, I’m shopping here.

IMG_7324    One of the many perks of having friends who also love Boohoo- this track suit was borrowed by a gal pal of mine. Let’s also acknowledge the perks of having friends that are the same size as you, and have good fashion sense. I swear nothing is worse than having a friend whose clothes would clearly fit you, but their style completely sucks and they constantly offer for you to borrow something. And then you’re just awkwardly running out of excuses as to why you cannot borrow their clothes that would fit your body perfectly. How does one say,”Sorry, I actually hate your clothes. But thanks anyway.”

No but seriously, keep your American Eagle away from me. Thanks.

Anyway, I know all you care about is where to find this look. To shop the bomber, you can get it here, AND IT’S ON SALE. But don’t kill me, these pants are totally MIA. Whoever decided it was a good idea to sell these separately and not as one set, thanks for nothing. But they’ve got a ton of navy blue bottoms here, including more satin styles that could still match.


Most importantly, this set is so comfortable and great material. Sometimes I’m not completely crazy about the way “satin” comes from online sites, but this one was spot on. And luckily, there’s a lot more where that came from. If this style isn’t exactly your favorite, but you’re looking to find more like it, check out all of their satin bombers here and satin joggers here. Aren’t I just so nice making this so easy for you guys?! I know, I’m the heaven-sent online shopper you’ve all been waiting for.IMG_7457

And one more shout-out to my girl Cleo for these pics! This is how we spend our lunch breaks, and she’s willing to use her free hour to help me out… you rock!!



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  1. March 28, 2017 / 12:25 am

    Obsessed with this set 🙌🏽👌🏽

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