An Ode to Personal Style

An Ode to Personal Style

I think I already found my favorite look for this season… and spring is only just beginning!

If you’ve been following my looks from the beginning, it’s pretty clear there’s not one style I could label myself to have. One day I’ll be rocking joggers or a track suit, the next I’m in a cute skirt and sweater, and the day after that I’m in fishnets and a metallic leather jacket with cornrows in my hair. And this is exactly what moved me to start a style blog: because style is endless and immeasurable. There are LITERALLY no boundaries to the looks you can put together. A lot of the bloggers I follow and see posting regularly are always wearing the same kind of look, whatever it may be, but they rarely ever change it up. They stick to one style- their own style that they’ve mastered and abide by wholeheartedly- and never look back. And that’s great for them- if that works for you, fine! There’s nothing wrong with sticking within your comfort zone and keeping your style within one scheme. It works for some people. It’s┬ájust how they want to dress, and that’s that. But then there’s girls like me… who post from one extreme to the next. If someone were to ask me to describe my style in three words, I’d say that I only need one word: limitless. If I see something I like, I buy it. If I see something on Kylie Jenner that looks cool as fuck, I want it. If I like┬ásomething on a girl I randomly spotted on the street, I will damn well be Googling exactly that and finding it for myself. I find inspiration everywhere. In anyone, in anything. It doesn’t matter who would like it, who would wear it, and who approves. That’s what I always find so important about my style. I wear what makes me feel good, no matter what is “supposed” to be “my style.”

If you’re wondering what this article has anything to do with the outfit I’m rocking here, just listen to this and you’ll understand why. So I got these studded shorts from Urban Outfitters in about 2009 or 2010. I got them in high school and they were about 3 sizes too big on me, so I never wore them. But I refused to get rid of them because of who had these very same shorts, and was the inspiration behind me buying them. My OG style icon: Miley Cyrus. Yup, back in the day with her pretty hair and normal outfits. She was my ultimate style guru, and she had these very same shorts. So my 13/14-year-old-self found those babies the next day on Urban Outfitters. (Clearly, I always had a knack for shopping. Some things never change.) And can we just talk about how cute she was back then?! These pics are giving me nostalgia!!!

Anyways. I’m hoping with this post to inspire some of you to just do whatever the fuck you want. Wear what you want. Be who you want. Don’t ever feel subjected to staying inside the box of comfort. Some days I’m wearing a metallic leather Zara jacket and studded shorts, some days I’m wearing head to toe royal blue in a neoprene jacket and wide leg pants. That’s the revolving door of style! One look in, one look out!





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