Red Vibes

Red Vibes

If you can’t see your own reflection in your shoes what even is the point? 

I had such a fun shoot this passed weekend with the coolest dude everrrrrrr: Hakiem (check out his insane landscape shots!). We got hooked up via Instagram connections and I’m so glad we did because this shoot was bomb! Red is my favorite color and I knew we were shooting two looks, so I went for full red vibes to keep the mood flowing real cool. And it definitelyyyyyyy was cool af. 

I was feeling very Hailey Baldwin slash Chantel Jeffries-esque in my first look especially. I could totally see them being styled in this since they’ve worn pretty much all of it, just separately. Not to mention I felt like a complete boss ass bitch rocking those boots.

Look 1: Tommy Hilfiger visor from ASOS; Champion crewneck from Amazon; Cape Robbin boots from Shiekh Shoes 

My second look is what I like to call, sweatpant chic. This is legitimately just how I want to dress 24/7 no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing. I love getting all dressed up pretty and fancy, but nothing beats a good casual look.

Look 2: Baby Girl bodysuit and striped sweats from Forever 21 ; choker from Angelis; sneakers from Guess



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