Lookin’ Like A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

Lookin’ Like A Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

And what’s just as important as my smoking hot sleeves are my killer f*$king shades. 

Lately I’ve just been reallllllly feeling it. Like super inspired and motivated to just get out there and style the bombest (is this a word?) shit ever. This outfit being one of them! And finally my cuzzo Camille and I are back on our grind working together ’cause it’s definitely been a while since we got to do this! Her photography is now on the gram and you can check all of her awesome work here. Tbh, I don’t even know when exactly this flame trend started but I’m so glad it did and I refuse to let it end because after buying this top from– you guessed it- Boohoo I just want to buy more more more. Shower me in flames plz. Anyway… I really loved this look and was actually super nervous about it. You know those outfits you pre-plan out in your head and then it looks like complete shit when you actually try it on? You’re like uh the mirror in my mind did not look like this. That’s what I thought was going to happen here because sometimes I like to look extra but not too extra you know? So yeah. I was nervous. But then I put it on and I’m like thank you to all the extra ladies out there that inspired me to be my extra ass self because that’s  what gets the mind cranking and working right to put all these cool looks together!

Both of the shades are from Gloss The Label. I clearly couldn’t decide which one matched my outfit better, hence the two separate shoots below. And they featured me on their site wearing them- woohoo! I’m totally obsessed with this brand – I discovered them through the one and only Kylie Jenner thanks to her amazing stylist Jill Jacobs. If you don’t know now ya know cause Jill Jacobs is THE SHIT and puts every single girl in America on to any trend that starts via KJ.

The boots are Cape Robbin via Shiekh Shoes, which you can find here. Yes, I’m obsessed with these. Yes, I want to wear them to work, the grocery store, the gas station, and everywhere. Yes, my thighs are a little to fat to fit so they’re hard to zipper. We can’t have it all.

And lastly the corset is from Windsor – in the store, not online. But the rest of their corsets are found here. Now just enjoy my pictures ok.



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