Color of the Day: ORANGE

Color of the Day: ORANGE

This one time, Kylie Jenner wore orange sunglasses. So I bought orange sunglasses (from the same brand). 

I can’t get enough of this color right now. I want to wear orange everywhere now that I finally got my new shades from Gloss The Label. I’ve been looking for these everywhere for months since I saw them on Kylie thinking like, oh whatever brand she got them from probably costs an arm and a leg – so I didn’t even look on their own site. I googled every other place on the internet trying to find them and failed. Then I randomly was like… let me just check them out. AND WTF? They were like super scary cheap. Pretty sure they cost like $18 which is even cheaper than the lunch I just ordered. And in this case my lunch will be gone in 20 minutes, but I’ll have these glasses 4ev.

The hoodie is from Forever 21, which is my guilty pleasure store. For someone who works in high-end fashion, I probably should stop shopping there but I won’t. They literally update their styles and stock everyday like how can you ever go wrong? If a trend magically breaks out on a Monday, Forever 21 has it by Thursday. I just can’t end my relationship with this store – even though some of their prices randomly got really high? Pisssed.

The shorts are super old from Urban Outfitters and you can find my inspo for them on my previous post here. Now check out my pics!!


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  1. April 28, 2017 / 3:37 pm

    You definitely flatter Orange and visa versa

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