Keeping it White & Black

Keeping it White & Black

Officially my favorite new trend: white retro sunnies!

So I was shopping on Urban Outfitters (aka adding tons of shit to my cart and then laughing at the total and closing my browser) and found these amazing white and black striped pants and immediately fell in love. They weren’t super expensive, but they were $175 and I’m definitely on a budget right now. $175 could get me a solid 8 full outfits head to toe from Boohoo so I just was not about that life at the moment. I parted ways with the amazing pants and was sad to let them go but knew life goes on…..

But then I was in H&M a few days later and found these pants and they were honestly almost a replica. I’m certain the quality can’t compare, considering these were $12.99, but COME ON. THEYRE SO FRICKING CUTE. And they made me look tall (by tall I mean like, 5’5 or 5’6 if  I really wanna push it). But at least I didn’t look like my 5’2 self okay.

So I immediately put an outfit together and ordered these white retro sunnies off Amazon for $7.99, plus I already had this top from Missguided and heels from Forever 21. I don’t remember the prices of those two – but altogether this outfit was no more than $50. I know I’m not the most talented person out there – but THIS is TALENT. An entire look this cute for under $50 is not a skill you can be taught, you either got it or you don’t! AND I GOT IT.

Now enjoy the photos from my shoot with Hakiem – who I finally got to shoot with again! We haven’t had a chance since our last shoot on the Brooklyn Bridge featuring the 2 red looks, but I’m so happy to be working with him again. His work is so insane – from portraits to landscape – and you can check it all out here.


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