New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Today marks the first day of the future! And I’m more than excited to take you all with me…

Some of my readers may already know (and some may not) that I’ve held the title of Press Executive of a luxury fashion showroom for this past year. And though on paper I basically landed my dream job, it wasn’t all I had hoped it would be. At first, this was everything and more. I studied Public Relations in college in hopes of landing a Press Coordinator/Exec job in the fashion industry, had tons of internships in both fashion and beauty PR, and had all my plans and goals in line. I can’t even count how many interviews I went on to different agencies and brands all revolved around fashion PR – and landing this job in October was finally my moment. I couldn’t be happier…

By December, I had come to the sad realization this job wasn’t for me. Being that I had only been there for a few months, I didn’t want to give up that easily. But something in my heart knew I was already clocked out of PR and wanted to completely start over. I even looked into John Jay in hopes of maybe going back to school for Criminal Law and Forensics… (if you know me personally, you know this is my true passion in life – though I’m a little too lazy to pursue it). I felt completely lost and confused. And it was emotionally DRAINING AND EXHAUSTING. My feeling of uncertainty was not only wearing me out, but causing me major anxiety that was taking over me every single day. I felt myself becoming a robot at this point – wake up early, get on an hour long bus, go to work behind a computer for 9 hours, get on an hour long bus again, eat, shower, sleep, repeat. Every. Single. Day. I wasn’t just clocked out of PR, I was clocked out of enjoying my life altogether! Trust me, by all means, I understand everyone needs to start somewhere. I’m not some crybaby who couldn’t handle the workload and wanted the easy way out. So I knew I had to stick it out as long as possible, while getting my shit together and figuring it all out on the side.

And so, I started this blog. And then I started really paying attention to the stylists I was working one-on-one with everyday. And then I came to the conclusion – I could totally do this. I could truly see myself styling clients everyday. Like I said, I was always into law and wanting to help people. But I’m also super passionate about style… so how can the two correlate? *lightbulb goes off in my head* 

Soooooo by February, I was ready to build my brand and get to work. If you noticed through my IG, and a previous post where I discussed this topic, my style has been back and  forth constantly this year. While yes, it’s true that my style definitely depends on my mood that day, I was also doing a lot of trial and error. What works best for me? What do I feel most comfortable in? What does my audience like the best, and what gets the most engagement? Does sexy work, or is it too much? Do colors work, or should I stick to neutrals? After a few months of feeling it all out, I’m definitely at a more comfortable stage to be investing more time into my blogging (which is SO impossible to do working 45 hours a week + spending 10 hours just on commuting). Lunch break iPhone photoshoots were starting to get really old…. and so I have officially taken the leap of faith and quit my full time PR job. I am BEYOND excited to start using my time wisely and do what truly makes me happy…

I’m SO ready to let you all know that I will now be Personal Styling & Wardrobe Styling!!!

I cannot wait to work with all of you and finally get into the wild world that is styling! I do have some more figuring out to do before I officially put up my services page and come up with the minor details like rates, etc. But as soon as it’s all set – I’m ready to hook up your wardrobe!!! I’ve had so many people over the past few years ask me to help them out and shop for them, and I’ve always done some of it here and there but never too seriously. So have no fear – help is on the way.

In Fashion We Trust is coming VERY soon to a closet near you! Stay tuned….

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