Scoring Gucci: Authentic Designer for Less

Scoring Gucci: Authentic Designer for Less

I didn’t think it was possible to score Gucci for under $100, and then I ended up with it for under $50… dreams really do come true. 

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE designer but never commit to any investment pieces. I’m the type who typically shops cheaper to buy more at once, instead of spending it all on one piece. Ever hear the saying, “Don’t go broke to buy the thousand dollar bag. Buy the hundred dollar bag to have $900 in it,”??? Yeah, that’s me. But lately, I’ve been feeling like my wardrobe really truly needs an upgrade. I’m kind of over buying practically everything from Boohoo and Missguided (though I still absolutely love them and will shop them probably forever). I need to add more life to my clothing.

I’m starting to really love higher end shops like Revolve, Intermix, Reformation (obvious confession, I can only shop those if I sort price low to high) the more I’m really getting into blogging. I’m sticking to my roots with lower end shopping like Zara, but want to start mixing up my outfits with adding more of these pieces.

So anyway, I’ve come across hundreds of ways to shop designer for less but it usually was still pretty expensive. Like instead of spending $895 on designer shoes I would find them on sale for $495. Great sale if you got it like that, but if you don’t, you don’t. And I don’t. BUT THEN I came across The Real Real. It’s a 100% authentic consignment shop where you can find designer items for SUPER cheap. All of the pieces must be within the past 10 years and in great to perfect condition, so that’s pretty amazing.

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I’ve been wanting a simple pair of Gucci shoes that I could wear a ton of times so that was obviously the first brand  I checked, and BAM. These babies hit me hard. They were being sold for $75 dollars. YES. 75 DOLLARS. BUT IT GETS BETTER. The entire site was having an additional 20% off promo code, so they turned out to be $60 with the code. YES. 60 DOLLARS. AND IT DOESN’T END THERE. It was my first time purchasing on The Real Real, so I had $25 site credit (not a promo code, so it can be combined). A SITE CREDIT!!!!! I got these Gucci canvas mules for 46 f*$king dollars. REAL GUCCI OKAY.

So moral of the story, I’m obsessed with The Real Real and you should be too. I can’t wait to buy more pieces for the fall! Not sure what I want next, but I’ll be sharing once I do! Now check out how I styled these cuties! Wearing FRAME jeans and a crushed velvet top from Sanctuary Boutique.


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