In Fashion We Trust: LA Edition

I gave myself the best birthday gift I could’ve possibly received this year: a trip to LA! 

First things first, I know I haven’t posted a new blog in a while. The end of 2017 was quite the adventure for me. I’ll be able to tell you guys all about it shortly, but unfortunately can’t reveal those deets yet! If you did happen to notice I was missing for quite some time, you’re right! All of that will be shared as soon as possible.

This year, I have so much ahead of me. Over the past few months, I’ve been through many life changing experiences. Some bigger than others, whether it be new jobs and opportunities, lost friendships and newly gained relationships, disappointing experiences and lessons learned. Through it all, I know how happy traveling makes me and that’s all I wanted to do to celebrate my 23rd birthday! The one place I’ve always wanted to experience (since literally the day I knew it existed on the map) is Los Angeles, California. I’ve only gone once before for a weekend and spent the entire time in a hotel and didn’t get to enjoy anything there is to offer out there! But this time, I did it all – and now I get to share it with you.

Check out the pictures from my awesome trip below, and if anyone is taking a trip there soon please feel free to reach out and ask for any suggestions. It was the best week of 2018 thus far!

On my birthday we went shopping on Melrose! The ideal way to spend your big day if you ask me. My hat is from Forever 21, dress is from Missguided (it’s actually a two piece dress from the Barbie collection with a long sleeve shirt underneath), and my boots are from Bershka Collection Pop-Up Shop in Soho, NYC!

At night we went to Hyde nightclub (super fun!) and I wore this two piece outfit from Fashion Nova.

Our next trip was to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour… this was the best! If you love the same shows as me, like Shameless, Pretty Little Liars & Friends, you MUST do this tour! It was so cool to be on the sets where these shows are filmed. I wore a comfy little dress from Missguided and FILA sneakers!

That night we hit up Le Jardin nightclub and this was one of my fav nighttime looks. I bought my shirt and chain belt on Melrose at some tiny little boutique (with not-so-tiny-little prices) and my jeans are from 66girls! Boots are from Forever 21.

The Hollywood sign hike was a great day! We booked this through AirBnb instead of just doing the hike on our own. It was cool to have a tour guide who could tell us so much about everything we were seeing and passing. My sports bra and leggings are both from Amazon!

Our tour guide took these super corny panorama photos for us – at first I was like no, thanks! And then I realized what the hell, I might never be up here again! Here’s the result:

We took the rest of that day off after being completely exhausted from doing the hike hungover, and then just hit up the club again at night! My dress is from Style Delivers on Melrose! Such a cute little shop (and the prices weren’t actually horrible!). My favorite thing about clubbing in LA is that wearing sneakers to the club is actually totally acceptable! The minute I realized that I jumped right on that bandwagon and threw on my Guess sneakers to the club.

Lunch at Malibu Farm was sooooo delish! I loved every second of Malibu. I’ve always said I want to live in LA, but it’s even more dream worthy to live in freaking Malibu. This place is unreal. To lunch, I wore a crop top from Sisters and Seekers, pants from Brandy Melville, and Zara boots. Yes, I know I look ridiculously bloated – but just scroll further and look at how delish that food was!


and then we did some shopping!! This matching set is from Fashion Nova, bodysuit is from Sanctuary Boutique and boots are Forever 21.

On my last day we went to Venice Beach and Santa Monica. I LOVED it there! They’re both such lively atmospheres and it’s so awesome to see everyone enjoying themselves. I was so sad to go after this, I never wanted to leave! My blazer is from Sisters and Seekers, crop is from Fashion Nova, jeans are from Anthropologie, and boots are from Forever 21. Check out the lace up detailing on my jeans – they are so cute!!

I made one last pit-stop before heading to the airport: to Black Diamond Tattoo Shop to take one little souvenir home with me! Some new ink! It says “free” to stand for being a free spirited individual. It really represents the line from one of my favorite songs, “You Don’t Own Me.” The lyrics are, “I’m free and I love to be free, to live my life the way I want, to say and do whatever I please.” I love this new tat!


LA was everything I had hoped it would be. I can’t wait to be back- which will probably be sooner than later.

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