My Outfits From ‘Ex On The Beach’ Episodes 4-7

My Outfits From ‘Ex On The Beach’ Episodes 4-7

Welcome back, guys! Before I get into the outfits from the episodes, I just need to give a huge THANK YOU for all of the love and support I’ve been getting over the past 7 weeks. I swear I never in my dreams even imagined something like this. It’s been overwhelming in the best way possible. For every one negative comment I get, I have a 100 positive messages to outweigh it all. And I couldn’t be more appreciative of those who have been following me from day 1, even before there was any of this reality tv talk! There are very few who were there for this, and are still with me today:

I started sharing my style via Instagram on July 5, 2015…. I had 0 followers. I created an Instagram account @infashionwetrustt (which is actually still up and running) with literally NO audience. But it didn’t stop me from sharing what I loved and hustling to reach my goals. At the same time, my own personal instagram was growing (slowly, but definitely more than my fashion account). I kept at it anyway for a year and a half, and eventually on January 7, 2017 (gaining only 1,077 followers in that time span) I decided it was time to hit the ground running. I dropped that secondary instagram and completely revamped my entire personal account (which had exactly 3,000 followers, and I felt would be easier to pick up faster). For the next month, my days fully revolved around creating my brand. I was working full time, long hours, and spending every morning before work (at 5 am), every lunch break, and every night after work (until 1 am) shooting new looks, editing my site, creating blog posts, etc. On February 5, 2017, was officially launched, up and running. My announcement on Instagram received 438 likes and 30 comments… and I thought, “YES! I MADE IT!” I spent every day moving forward hustling harder and harder, having my coworkers shoot my pictures during our lunch break, meeting up with a different photographer everyday after work, whatever it took to grow. I was receiving a small amount of support, but from from people from all over the world! They were telling me how much they loved my posts and my drive and that they had been following my journey since the @infashionwetrustt days- and it’s those people who STILL to this day message me that they are always watching and supporting. Today is June 7th, 2018 and I can’t even fathom that I have 65 THOUSAND FOLLOWERS. Of course, I know the majority of this comes from viewers who watch me on TV. But what really stands out the most to me, is the hundreds who message me over the past few weeks simply telling me that they came across my page (now that it has grown so much), or my YouTube, or just my site in general, and didn’t even know I was on a show! They just started loving my style, and now they watch me on tv! This blog is finally turning into everything I ever hoped it would be, and it’s all thanks to all of YOU.

But regardless of any of that, I am SO thankful for every single one of you… whether you like my style, my personality, or for whatever other reason you are showing me support, I could not be more appreciative to have you. I am genuinely my happiest right now because of you.

So let’s begin!

Episode 4, I Wanna Call You Babe

My black cut out one piece bathing suit is from Missguided! You can’t tell much in the pictures, but it looks exactly like this one. All of these are similar options as well!

My mesh bodysuit is also from Missguided! It’s still available here, in black.

My absolute FAV bikini that I wear this season is this yellow one from Angelis NY! Link for top, link for bottom.

Lastly, my elimination outfit! My dress is from Once Upon A Skirt, and my fluffy heels are from Traffic Shoes!

Episode 5, Who’s Exed Next?

This bikini is from Missguided!

My pic off the shoulder top is alsoooooooo from Missguided, and my shorts are from Urban Outfitters, by brand BDG.

My elimination matching set is from Missguided! Still available here.

Episode 6, Hi Alicia, Bye Alicia

Pants from Urban Outfitters (wide leg, slit down the front) by brand BDG. Ruched top from Forever 21, still available here!

Dress from Necessary Clothing, located in SoHo, NY! No longer online.

Off the shoulder top from Forever 21, identical option here. Shorts from Levi!

And for my elimination look… my FAV romper that I wear all season, but didn’t get enough screen time, is from Once Upon A Skirt! I’m definitely going to post an Instagram picture in this to show you guys how cute it actually is.

Episode 7, Party Foul

My top on my date with Chase is from Forever21.

This top (which is Angela’s) is from Fashion Nova!

And lastly… this dress is also from Necessary Clothing! Once again, not available online – NYC only!



  1. Natalie
    June 10, 2018 / 7:49 pm

    Hi Victoria! I’m curious to know where you got your two piece yellow set that you wore on the season? Thank you!

  2. Izumary Rodriguez
    June 13, 2018 / 9:10 pm

    You are so beautiful! I am interested this business with you ❤️❤️

  3. February 28, 2019 / 10:51 am

    I like the style of your writing content. It just amazing and excellent. The blog post is very connective and attractive. All the information I found in post is very useful.keep it up,you are doing great..

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