Interview: Have I Kept My New Year’s Resolutions?

Interview: Have I Kept My New Year’s Resolutions?

Why hello there!  Frankie here, Victoria’s new Public Relations intern!  I’ll be blogging along with Victoria from time to time, and wanted to introduce myself.  I’m a senior at LIM College in NYC studying Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Sustainable Business Practices.  I love anything and everything related to sustainable fashion, veganism, and now PR! I’ve been shooting a lot of Victoria’s NYC photos for her most recent shoots, but feel free to follow me on my insta if you want to see me in front of the camera rather than behind @frankiewtf!

                  When I was brainstorming content ideas, I realized that after New Year’s Day passes, we never hear about New Year’s resolutions again… at least until Christmas time when everyone says, “My resolution is to not have a resolution!”  I thought it would be interesting to hear more about Victoria’s resolutions, her thought process behind them, and how she sticks to them (if she has). Check out our interview!

Frankie: “To start, what even were your new year’s resolutions?”

Victoria: “I started working with an intuitive coach to help me discover my purpose in life and my true essence/being. I knew I needed something more out of 2019 to help me understand my worth; I am learning to not settle for anything, and only allowing people in my life that help me do better and be better.  I never focus too much on my health- but because of this, I’m working on living an overall healthier lifestyle, through both activity and my diet.  I also am making my brand a number one priority again, because I fell off at the end of last year.”

Frankie: “Why did you choose the resolutions you chose?”

Victoria: “I felt like I was at a standstill in love… even though with my main business I was doing so well.  I was putting 100% of my time into that one thing, which hindered me from progressing elsewhere.  That really applies to all three of the resolutions I had for this year, all in all, my biggest focus this year is to put myself first.”

Frankie: “What’s been the easiest one to stick to?”

Victoria: “The intuitive coach has been genuinely life changing!  It’s easiest to stick to because I’m now realizing my worth and my life purpose, and I don’t want to lose touch with that. All of the courses I’ve been taking and sessions I’ve had with her [Janet] have made me realize what I’ve been missing for so long. I start another course with her this coming Monday, and I’m SUPER excited. This one is an action journey, and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I’m working on putting serious action into my business right now. It all goes hand in hand!”

Frankie: “What’s been the hardest one to stick to?”

Victoria: “As you would already assume, eating healthy and being active. I’m so busy that I allow myself to get lazy with it and put my health on the backburner.  I’ll either order food or pick something up and I never make time to be active because I sit and work most days on the computer, but I’m trying a little to no sugar diet this month and celery juicing! So I’m trying!” 

Frankie: “Did you keep your resolutions from last year?”

Victoria: “A resolution I had from last year was to travel more, and I’ve definitely done that and am continuing to do so.  I’ve been expanding my horizons in different areas gradually, and will not stop any time soon.”

Frankie: “Do you have a “reach”, kind of like an almost unattainable, resolution?”

Victoria: “It’s kind of really a resolution, but maybe more of a want – I would love to make more time for other people and dating. I guess this can count!? I really just have been putting work as my number one priority for so long that I’m still learning how to prioritize other things and people. I always say I want to be in a relationship, but then I make no time for dating or a social life!”

Frankie: “Are there things you do in your daily life that once were resolutions?”

Victoria: “Yes!  I have always wanted to work for myself.  Since July 2018, I have been fully working for myself, and it is finally becoming sustainable. It’s been a goal for years.”

Frankie: “Have your resolutions changed since the year started?”

Victoria: “Not changed, but I added one when I was in Nashville in February. I went to an event with an exercise called “The Breakthrough”.  We wrote down what was holding us back in life on a wood board.  On one side, I wrote: self doubt, competition, procrastination, and laziness.  On the other side, I wrote: passion, love, and success.  We (literally, physically) punched through the side with the negative words on it to get to the positive side. It was really powerful, because in that moment, all of those things became tangible, which almost makes it easier to reach them. So I’ve been focusing on incorporating this into my daily routine as well.”

Frankie: “Do you have tips for sticking to your resolutions?”
Victoria: “Reworking your priorities and deciding who/what is really important in your life is what really helps me.  I realized there were people in my life that didn’t need to be anymore or don’t have the vision as me- which is fine, but they just don’t seem to respect mine and my goals, and they ended up just dragging me down. There’s no need to keep anyone in your life who doesn’t bring you up, and I’ve kept those people around for too long. Telling myself to stop being fucking lazy is something that I’m still working on, but guilt tripping myself into being more productive has helped me stick to that- hahaha. I really helped myself because I’m no longer concerned with negativity. It all starts with who and what you surround yourself with, and your attitude toward everything in life. Once I prioritized differently and changed my attitude, everything just became easier… and ultimately, better. And it will continue to get easier, and it will continue to get better…” 


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