Hi there! It’s your girl V. I founded InFshnWeTrust in 2017 with a little bit of money and a lot of heart. This is the place where you can find all things ME: my style, my thoughts, my words, my knowledge and tips, and everything in between. When InFshnWeTrust was born, I had a dream of being a full time blogger, but never imagined I’d make it a reality. I’m your average girl, who’s no more special than you or anyone else, who turned her average life into a not-so-average one. If I could do it, you can too.

Previously: Went to college and landed what I thought was the perfect job. I worked as a PR executive for a luxury fashion showroom in NYC. My goals included: become a personal stylist, move to LA, be my own boss lady and have enough time in the day to take a boxing class, get my nails done, and be able to watch The Bachelor every Monday without having to DVR it. The more I got into working with stylists and watching them dress influencers, I wanted to badly to get into the business and just change the game for myself.

Currently: Living my best life as the boss lady I always dreamed of. I run two separate businesses: a full time blogger& creator, while also a full time mentor & consultant for a luxury beauty company. I have surpassed all of the goals I had back in 2017, and am currently living life by my own terms. Shit, I don’t have to put anything on DVR!