– Wardrobe Styling –

*minimum 2 hours*

This is where it all begins! This session takes place at your home, in your own closet! During this consultation, I get to learn about your current style needs according to your daily lifestyle and budget. Working together, we will decide what you want to keep, what needs alterations, or what to donate. I’ll even do the donating for you and take those pieces off your hands as our consultation concludes! You and your wardrobe will feel fresh and new after this consultation.

– Personal Shopping –

*minimum 2.5 hours*

Should you want to book a personal shopping session (which you will), this is the next step after our consultation! Based on your budget and the needs we identified together in the wardrobe styling session, I will pre-shop for you! All you have to do is try on the clothing handpicked for you.

People often ask why we can’t just skip straight to the shop session, and the answer is simple:  you might be left with a closet full of clothes that just don’t work. The wardrobe styling session will teach me all about you and give me an idea of what you already have at home, and how it all needs to come together. ALL of the elements are necessary here!

– Personal Styling –

*minimum 2 hours* 

This is where it all comes together! This session will also take place in the comfort of your own home. I’ll blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look perfectly. To recreate each look with ease, I will create a digital look book of all your outfits from your style session so that getting dressed each day is easy and fun!

Got an event coming up and have no idea what to wear?

I also offer styling services for any occasion or event you may have coming up. Shoot me an email for more info!

So let’s get started!

For rates and any other questions, or to book your appointment, email