In All The Right Places

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love these Missguided jeans. So I made them my own and cut out the pockets to match the cheeky cut outs they already had 😛 

It was super easy to to do – I should’ve taken a tutorial video but it’s not even necessary since its so self explanatory. For anyone who wants to try out these fun DIY jeans, simply cut the pocket out of your jeans and that’s as much direction as you’ll need from me. Also, make sure you do this on a pair of HIGH WASTED jeans!! It would not sit right on your hips to do this on low rise pants and would be showing off your thigh – which isn’t exactly the flattering part you will want to showcase here. Make sure your pants come up to your belly button and are showing off the lower part of your stomach, but right above the hips. Also, this look was the one that got me my first 1,000+ likes on insta, so it’s definitely a fan favorite. You’ll be sure to get compliments on this look, and I’d love to see your versions! Send me your photos via email or tag me on your insta posts 🙂 Have fun!

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