Laced Up

Laced Up

All nude everythanggg.

I’m obsessed with this look from Maniere de Voir (hat, top, and pants). I actually got it a while ago but it’s been winter up until like literally this week soooooo I haven’t had a chance to rock it until now. And then it was 95 degrees and I was in skin tight suede and dying. So I just really can’t win here.

Anyway, I always love monochrome looks. I’m all about that one color scheme for full looks head to toe because I find it to be the most eye-catching and neat looking. I also felt totally Kylie-esque who is obviously my fashion guru (aside from Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid) because we all know Kylie killlllls it in full nude looks.

Only thing I was missing in this one was my blue wig. Unfortunately I left it at home that day. P.s. can I stop aspiring to be people younger than me? It’s becoming an issue.

This look was definitely one I was really excited to shoot and I FINALLY got to meet back up with one of my photographers Errol. Find his work here!  Check out the shoot below 🙂


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