I decided to make 2017 be the year I start doing things and stop dreaming about it. Okay, so maybe starting a blog doesn’t sound dream worthy, but it actually is so much more than just a blog. It’s a means of expressing myself, who I am, and sharing my style with anyone who’s interested enough to see it. I’m starting this blog because I want to have something to call MINE- and that’s exactly what you’ll find here! All things me!

Currently: PR babe for a fashion showroom in NYC and loving it. Basically, I play dress up in expensive clothes, and then lend them out for models to dress up in for a living. Every week I’m learning something new about the fashion world and where I see myself in the future. Goals: become a stylist (personal, editorial, celeb, all that fun stuff), move to MIA, be my own boss lady and have enough time in the day to take a boxing class, get my nails done, and be able to watch Bachelor every Monday without having to DVR it. I’d also like to buy myself a Chanel bag.

That’s basically my life summed up in a few sentences. Until I’ve made some progress on that Chanel bag that’ll be kept safely in a locker room at kickboxing, this is how my About Me section will stay.