Looking for a brand new wardrobe? Need one outfit for a specific event, or a few for your next vacation? Want to revamp your own closet? You’ve come to the right place.


– Wardrobe Styling –

*minimum 2 hours*

This session takes place at your home, in your own closet, with your own clothes! During this session, I get to learn about your current style needs according to your daily lifestyle. Working together, we will decide what you want to keep, what needs alterations, or what to get rid of. The best part is, whatever we choose to get rid of, you could make money from selling them on Poshmark or Depop! At the end of this session, I’ll create a lookbook of outfits from the pieces we decide to keep; you and your wardrobe will feel fresh and new!

– Personal Shopping –

– Part 1 –

Based on your budget and needs, I will pre-shop for you! This can take place in person at your favorite stores, or through the magical invention of the online shopping world! This session is for someone looking to add a multitude of new pieces to their wardrobe. I’ll ask you a bunch of questions, from who your style inspiration comes from to what trends you absolutely hate. I’ll show you all of the pieces before making any purchases- and voila, you have a new wardrobe!

– Part 2 –
*OPTIONAL*  *minimum 2 hours*

We could take your personal shopping experience to the next level if you choose to! This session would take place at your house, and I’d blend the new pieces in with your old pieces, creating a ton of additional outfit options. I’ll show you how to accessorize each look perfectly. You’ll end up not only with outfits from the first session, but outfits that will also bring your old pieces to life! To recreate each look with ease, I will create a lookbook for you, so you never forget what we put together. Getting dressed each day will be SO easy and SO much fun!

– Event Shopping –

This is where you’ll come to me for any upcoming occasion or event you may have. You’ll let me know the type of event, whether it be formal or informal, and I’ll take it from there! Sometimes you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for, other times you may not have a clue. But every time, I’ll find something for you!

-Going on Vacation?-

-Part 1-

First of all, I’m already jealous. Secondly, let’s dress you. You’ll tell me all about where you’re going and staying, how many days/nights and number of outfits you’ll need prepared. With all of this info, I’ll hook you up with the perfect looks specifically tailored to fit the location, whether it be tropic or arctic!  (And if you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m extra when I go away – so I’ll make sure to have you looking and feeling like a celebrity). 

-Part 2-
*OPTIONAL* *minimum 1 hour*

The worst, and only negative, part about going on vacation has got to be the packing. So let me do it for you! I take a ton of trips and travel a few times a year, expertly fitting my tons of clothes and shoes like a puzzle, without going over 50 pounds. Including this session will put every step of the vacation process at ease for you. Let’s make this trip your best one yet!

So let’s get started!

For rates and any other questions, or to book your appointment, email